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Music Quest kong version

2011-02-10 21:54:36 by mastermachines

To all fans of Music Quest, I just uploaded Music Quest to kongregate and it's not doing as well over there, I'd really appreciate it if you could rate it up over there.
Kong version url:

Master Machines


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2011-02-10 22:06:42

I fapped.


2011-02-11 07:27:38

If you make another one, make sure it's less messy... and add more metal genres. Definitely needs a deathcore genre. :P

mastermachines responds:

Planning on it.


2011-02-11 15:49:50

I found the same thing with my games as well. I've got your back, heading over there now :)

mastermachines responds:



2011-02-12 12:06:42

Thx for the "app" man, i love it =D

Just one problem, 2 days ago there was a division for the different decades, like for example the europop genre in the 90's, but now when i click for example the 90's the app generates immediately a playlist without asking for a further search.

Greetings from Luxembourg

mastermachines responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
I removed that because it was causing confusion. I've put it back in now, but it doesn't have as many similar tags. But you will still find eurodance.


2011-02-20 04:51:22

any chances of this being a app on itouch and such?


2011-04-04 12:39:16

Just wanted to let you know that I hate your app. It is too inappropriate for the newgrounds audience... also you're a fag.


mastermachines responds:

I know where you live punk.


2011-04-23 20:14:34

What is your page on facebook? Would like to like it to help you out good friend

mastermachines responds: